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creations by elder stained art glass custom repair restoration leading arkansas oklahoma northwest northeast nwa neo


I started doing stained glass / art glass work back in 1988. I love working with glass and am the type of artist that likes to push the boundaries of the medium. Many people have certain preconceived notions in regards to the limitations of stained glass / art glass. They tend to think of the art just as "Church windows". And while I have created many church / religious windows in the decades I have been doing this art, the medium is not just limited to religious based iconography. Click HERE to learn more about my experience and vision for the future of my work.

I am available for commissioned work as well as repair, restorative and consultation services.

My goal is to provide you with the highest quality work available and to do so in a budget that will not break the bank for you!

My stained / art glass studio provides services not only to Northwest Arkansas ( NWA ) and Northeast Oklahoma ( NEO ) regions, but I can also ship anywhere inside or outside the United States. My clients are as far away as the Netherlands. I also accept credit and debit cards.

~ Frank Elder

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